VinFast Manufacturing and Trading Company Limited launches Training Centre

VinFast Manufacturing and Trading Company Limited has launched a Training Centre for Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering in ?ình V?-Cát H?i Economic Zone in the northern port city of H?i Phòng.

VinFast, a subsidiary of Vingroup, launched the technical training centre on Wednesday.

Graduates will receive a vocational certificate of German standards and get the opportunity to work at VinFast’s automobile and electric motorcycle plant as well as nearly 50,000 German companies around the world.

The centre will officially open in August this year. The first academic session will enroll 200 students in two major subjects -- Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering.

With the aim of becoming one of the leading vocational training centres in Southeast Asia, VinFast’s training centre is equipped with modern teaching facilities, bringing together teachers with foreign and domestic expertise, who have been trained in France, Japan, South Korea, Czech Republic and Germany.

The teaching material follows German standards. Germany is the world’s leading country in the field of heavy industry and precision mechanics. The course will have levels ranging from basic to advance.

The training programme will last for two-and-a-half years. The course will combine theory (comprising 40 per cent of the course duration) and practical in business (comprising 60 per cent of the course duration) to give students an idea about professionalism and working style in the industry. After graduation, the students will be trained with the skills and discipline necessary for a professional environment.

Graduates will be awarded a certificate in accordance with the standards of the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry. They will also get the opportunity to work in the manufacturing, designing and maintenance units in VinFast.

During the actual work, trainees may be promoted to higher positions when they have enough experience. In addition to this, students will have the chance to work in over 300 German companies in Vi?t Nam and 47,900 German companies around the world.

Applications for the training programme will be available on April 1, 2018. A test will be conducted from May 1, and the first batch will begin in August.

Eligible applicants are high school graduates in 2017-18 in Vi?t Nam. After graduation from VinFast training centre, students will be recruited by VinFast and will receive monthly salary as well as benefits according to VinFast’s policy.

The opening of the training centre is the next step in the strategy of sustainable development of VinFast Manufacturing and Trading Company Limited. In the first phase, VinFast will use the large number of foreign experts to support it to become the leading automobile-electric motorcycle manufacturer in the region.

At the same time, the company will also urgently train the next generation to equip them with the knowledge of advanced technology, with the aim of building a team of highly qualified engineers for mechanical engineering in an effort to impart quality vocational training in Vi?t Nam. — VNS