VinFast owns one of the best engines in the world

Interview with Dr. Günter K. Fraidl, Senior Vice President of AVL, the world's leading engineer of engines and power train. AVL is currently VinFast partner who responsible for re-engineering the famous N20 engine which was licensed from BMW.

‘The VinFast engine offers global top-level performance, fuel economy, minimize pollution, comfort, safety. I assure you that it is one of the best engines in the world and especially tailored for Vietnam”. Dr. Günter K. Fraidl, shared.

Q: Being AVL Senior Vice President of powertrain system passenger car, could you tell more about the role of AVL in VinFast project?

A: Magna Steyr has been selected by VinFast as their engineering partner for the application and development of the new VinFast vehicle at the basis of the platform and components VinFast licensed from BMW.

AVL has been selected as engineering partner of VinFast for the development of the powertrain for this vehicle, in close collaboration to Magna Steyr.

Q: When did AVL start cooperating with VinFast and what do you think about the Vietnamese all-new brand?

A: Project started with feasibility and concept investigations in September 2017. Tentatively in June 2019, less than 2 years, the first VinFast products from the plant in Haiphong are expected to be launched.

The speed of this project goes far beyond the standard of the automotive industry, and for AVL, this is actually a challenge. AVL is the most suitable partner for this project, especially in identifying new partners, convincing them to join this project and adjust to the strict, challenging and interesting schedule

Q: One of the role of AVL in this project is re-design the engine, so what is special of VinFast’s engine

A: Usually engines, that must serve the global markets can be adapted to the different local demands only in a limited way. The VinFast approach is to modify the engine N20 (one of the best engines in the world) to meet Vietnamese demands including production and servicing requirements in a much more dedicated way. Thus, e.g. the sophisticated Valvetronic system is replaced by a robust and cost effective Atkinson cycle offering excellent cost/benefit ratio. Driveability aspects are exactly tailored to the specific Vietnamese demands evaluated already at the begin of the project and various other aspect could be more tailored to the specific Vietnamese demands.

I assure that this is one of the best engines in the world matching best the Vietnamese demands. The engine produced locally in the world's most modern chain which was imported from Germany, hence it ensures top quality and competitive price

Q: AVL based on where to localized the VinFast engine?

A: Before final definition of the VinFast powertrain, AVL performed intensive market studies to define the real demand of the Vietnamese consumer, e.g. investigating their driveability demands by several different test vehicles equipped with most sophisticated measurement equipment like AVL Drive.

Also specific Vietnamese concerns from fuel quality, service quality, weather conditions, customer driving habits, etc.? up to cost effective high-quality production were extensively addressed.

Even, we had an expert to be dedicated to Vietnam to find out how the Vietnamese drive to align the engine so best suited to the actual terrain as well as the driving habit. This process is very complicated, so that the VinFast engine is extremely special. It is also the only engine in the world to be tailored for a particular market.

Q: From the point of view of an expert, what do you think about VinFast engine?

A: Offering global top-level performance, fuel economy, minimize pollution, comfort, safety and especially “tailored for Vietnam”.? Being "Made in Vietnam" will still ensure the above factors, while giving the product a suitable price.

Besides, connecting smoothly with the modern 8AT gearbox of ZF will ensure the efficient performance and top quality of the vehicles.

Q:Being the one who design the 1st generation of VinFast engine, how will Magna Steyr/AVL participate in VinFast's engine R&D process?

A: AVL is pleased further support VinFast to establish own R&D capabilities and become able to improve / upgrade products during production as well as to become capable to develop own technologies. This will be a more time-consuming process, but initiatives have been set right away to proceed with similar passion than at the current programs.

Q: What are the challenges that Magna Steyr/AVL has been experiencing in VinFast project?

A: The setting up a new organization, seeking appropriate members or building production processes is a great challenge, but perhaps, the biggest one that comes from the time of the project is extremely urgently, it can be said that there is no precedent in the automotive industry in the world.

In spite of this, the strategy of using existing technology allows the goal of the progress in cooperation between VinFast-Magna-AVL and others qualified suppliers.

Q: Until now, many people still have questions about the reason why AVL made decision to cooperate with a all-new automotive company and have never had any reputation in the industry. Can you give some explanation?

A: AVL considers Southeast Asia as one of the most promising markets for new brands. With VinFast financial resources and strong foundations, we believe they can turn their vision into reality and AVL are really honored and interested in sharing this dream.

In addition, the providing of high-end product features in incredibly short time beyond any standard is also the interesting thing we want to challenge ourselves in this project.